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No blogging for a week – I have been a very naughty girl. Work was very hectic last week so that was one reason. The other, was that Mum stole the computer nearly every night and wouldn’t let me on it. I don’t think that the whole premise of sharing this thing has sunk in just yet. I can’t wait until my laptop is finally fixed. I can blog and ‘net it to my heart’s content. Plus I’ll be able to see my favourites again. I can’t remember half of them which is poo. The photos of last week’s knitting will be forthcoming, but first let’s talk about my weekend, cos it rocked!

I went to Norwich for Lucy’s 21st. Cue a four hour drive, sat in the back of a three-door car with my friends Jo and Jas, with Charlotte in the front and her boyfriend, John driving. It was a bit cramped, but nevermind. It just made the journey more fun. We were praying the whole time that the sunny weather we had left at home would last and appear at Lucy’s party, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. It rained, and hell did it rain. It rained so hard we couldn’t see the car in front of us, and caused mini tsunamis as we drove down the lane to Lucy’s house. At least I didn’t have to set up a tent in that – being the bright spark that I am, I decided to stay at Lucy’s instead of camping. Anyways, we all crowded into Lucy’s gorgeous house and ate and laughed and drank until the early hours of the morning. Lucy’s dad had made the best food ever – yumyum, and Lucy had made not one, but five birthday cakes (yes you did read that right – five!). Here’s the proof:
Birthday treats Yummyscrummy!
And here’s the birthday girl blowing out her candles:

The next day, we all drove down to Sheringham and had a wander along the beachfront and ate fish and chips. Luckily the weather behaved and we had some lovely sunshine. It was a nice little place – I’d love to go back, so I think I shall have to visit Lucy again. Maybe once I’ve finally passed my driving test hehe. Here’s Lucy and her boyfriend, Tom along with some shiney blue sky:
Lucy and Tom

And Charlotte and John:
Charlotte and John

The back of Sophie and Luke, as Soph refused to have her picture taken. Sneaky sneaky. More blue sky too…it was so lovely:
Sophie and Luke

And the beach…that we didn’t go down onto cos we had so little time there and we all wanted fish and chips more than shoes filled with sand hehe:
Sheringham Beach

Overall, it was a brilliant weekend. It was so good to see the girls again. I can’t believe that we aren’t going back to uni in september. I shall miss seeing them all everyday. Meeting up for drinks etc every few months just isn’t the same. I have made some very good friends in the three years that I spent in Derby, and hopefully we shall remain so for many years to come. Love you all lollipops!

Well it’s back to work for me tomorrow, I had today off to recover from the weekend. Paid holiday is such a wonderful invention, isn’t it? I think I’ve reached the point where I could do this job in my sleep. Its not the most interesting of jobs, but what happens at the end of this week makes it all worthwhile – PAYDAY! Whoopee! My bank manager will like me once more.

Right, I better go. I can smell my dinner cooking, so I better go set the table.
Until tomorrow.

– knitagirl.

P.S – The title is especially for Sophie x


I wish. It rained all morning and stayed overcast all afternoon.

So what did I do today in this glorious British summer weather? Well me and Kayt embarked on a spot of extreme car booting. By extreme, I mean that it was raining and cold and slightly foggy. But nevertheless, we donned our raincoats and wellies, put up our umbrellas, and investigated the few stalls that had braved the weather to set up. It was amazing to see just how many people had turned up. I think that because it only started raining about 9ish, and sellers have to be at the site by 8ish, they had all hoped for the best. Some bright sparks had brought along their gazebos and golf umbrellas to keep their stuff dry, but others were just letting their stuff get wet, so books got soggy and teddy bears had baths in their tubs. Completely different to last Sunday, when I managed to get sun burnt. Ah well, I did manage to get Neve something for her birthday – some ELC wooden building blocks. And of course, as soon as we got back to the house, me and Kayt just had to try them out to see if they worked. How we thought they wouldn’t work remains a complete mystery to my mum, who sat and watched two 22-year olds playing with a toy designed for a one year old in her lounge this afternoon. Hehe…

Did you all watch ‘…Maria’ last night? It was so good. I wish I could sing like them. I’d never shut up. My favourites were definitely Connie and Siobhan, but I also love Leanne. Her voice is amazing for someone who trained herself. I wasn’t sure about some of the songs chosen, and some of the girls didn’t really live up to my expectations. I’m about as difficult to please as Andrew. But at least Emilie wasn’t there, thank God. It’ll be interesting to see how the show progresses, and to see who gets through each week. Me and Lucy have made a date to get tickets for the show, when it eventually opens. It should be lots of fun.

While I was watching last night’s show, I started a small knitting project. Just a simple garter stitch scarf, but using a hand-spun/dyed slub yarn that my parents brought me off Ebay. Its such a lovely soft wool, and beautiful colours. I’ll post a picture tomorrow once I’ve brought some batteries for my camera.

One last thing for you – a little link to make you giggle: A knitted gift for the man in your life.

Until tomorrow.

– knitagirl New Arrival Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover Set Hot Sell (item 190016634951 end time 13-Aug-06 21:00:00 BST)

Mum said she would kill me and then ban me from ever setting foot in her car again if I bid for this on Ebay. Do you think its worth the risk?! hehe….

I’ve decided that I don’t use my camera nearly enough, and so I’m going to start taking more pictures of the people, animals and events in my life. Every Saturday is now ‘Photo Day’. And to begin with, we have pictures of my beautiful niece, Neve and my snotmeister of a dog, Simba. Enjoy:

We start them early in this family. 

Following in her Daddy’s and Grampy’s I.T Managers footsteps.

Almost walking. Modelling my handknitted recycled Sari cuff.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 11 month old to look at you when there’s a big hairy dog trying to lick her, you and the camera?! Speaking of the big hairy dog – here’s the villain that caused the previous photo to be a little blurry:

Simba looking all sweet and innocent which is a complete and utter lie – this dog is a newspaper killer. Which is why he’s just been doing this:
Let me ouuuuuuuuuuut!

Unfortunately he’s apparently learnt how to open doors. So today’s newspaper has teethmarks in it.

Only one week until Lucy’s party. Whoopee!

Until tomorrow (if my internet doesn’t disappear again).

– knitagirl


This is like my 5th attempt at posting this stupid post. WordPress has been playing up. It keeps refreshing my page when I’m trying to insert pictures, which means it loses everything I’ve typed before. ARGH! So here I go again…fingers cross’d!

Yesterday sucked. The internet was down all day at my house. Mum reckons it was something to do with the terrorists and the fact that people all over the place who were due to go on holiday were flooding the net to find out what was going on. But as the phoneline went at one point too, I think it was more likely a power shortage somewhere. On the other hand, I got a graduation present from my lovely brother and sister-in-law. Looky looky:

OoooOo...what's inside?

Yummy Scrummy Lush treats!

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I absolutely adore Lush. Everything in the box is based on honey. The soap (top right) is scrumptious…I can’t stop washing my hands haha. I can’t wait to have a shower and use the Flying Fox shower gel, cos that smells yummy too. Plus there was also a 10% discount voucher inside, so I will definitely enjoy spending that! OoooOo and i’ve just remember that I got £15 Lush vouchers from the same brother and sister-in-law for being their bridesmaid back in May. I’m going to have a LushFest!

Work is going ok. I’ve managed to blag a day off today, because I’ve already worked my 25 hours, and there’s actually no work for me to do until next week. So I had a lie-in and after this I shall go tidy my bedroom, cos it looks like a bomb has gone off in there. Eeesk!

The Knitting and Stitching show is coming up, and I’ve booked my tickets whoop. This year there’s a new one at the NEC in Birmingham, which means I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock and travel to Harrogate. I can just hop on a train and be there in 30 minutes. I’ve just got to find someone to go with now…ho hum.

Anyways I better go and start tidying.
Until tomorrow.

– knitagirl

Well I got an e-mail from the yarn website today that I attempted to order my taupe Pampas from. They don’t have it is stock, and have been advised by Wendy that it has been discontinued. Pooey. So instead I was thinking of getting this colour:
Wendy Pampas-Petrol 
What do you think? Its called ‘Petrol.’ Its quite nice – not as nice as taupe but nevermind. I’m really itching to start this jacket. I need something to help me switch off from work.

I’ve just got back from the cinema – went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2. Its actually quite good. A bit long, but that just means you get more Johnny Depp and that, of course, is *always* a good thing. Hmmm…that man is yuuuum-ey. The whole eyeliner thing works. Which is surprising cos normally I hate guys in make up. Orlando Bloom just can’t act. Every character that I’ve seen him play has been exactly the same, whether it be an elf, a trainer designer (in Elizabeth town – don’t bother. Its awful), or a pirate. He acts them all the same. Another shocker is that I’m actually starting to like Keira Knightley as an actress (still hate her for the fact that she’s got a body to die for though). Question for any of you out there – was the guy playing Beckett (the East India Trading Company evil guy), the same guy who played Mr.Collins in Pride & Prejudice? He seemed ermmm… taller? Haha. Bit of a tip for you – if you want a giggle, stay until the end of the credits. There goes my *achem* expert criticism of Pirates of the Carribean.

Well I am very tired. Its going to take a while for my body to get used to this whole working lark. I shall probably post again tomorrow or over the weekend.

Until tomorrow.


So today was the first day of my new job. It went ok – I spent the majority of the morning going through paperwork with the managing director, ensuring that my bank details were correct and that I understood all the different procedures, So yeah…that was fun. I don’t think. Then I finally went into Test and started to learn about what I’m going to be doing. Its not too hard – I’ve just got to remember to do things in the right order. The only problem is that the guy who’s in charge of that department is going on holiday on Thursday for two weeks. That should be interesting. Luckily (well no so lucky for him but…), one of the trainers has hurt his back, and so can’t drive. So he can help me if I get really stuck. We don’t have many computers on the system at the moment, so I have the space to make a few initial mistakes. Ah well, I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. Wish me luck guys.

In other news: Yippee!!! That annoying girl, Emilie has made the wise decision to withdraw from the competition, so Siobhan is back in the running. You go girl! I can really see her winning if she sorts her health out and learns to control her top notes. Although there are some other girls that I like too. Leanne’s good, well actually she’s amazine, considering that she’s completely self-taught and only 19. I also like I think her name is Connie. The one who’s come close to getting West End parts before. She’s got a good voice, plus she looks the part. Oh hum…we’ll shall see how it all pans out.

I’ve finally got around to knitting a pattern that I’ve had for about a year:
wendy pampa knitting pattern
Its the one on the right – modeled by the girl. I’m even knitting it in the same colour yarn. Well I would be but I’ve discovered that Wendy yarns has decided to discontinue the colour Taupe. Grrrrrrr. I’ve already started the back because I had a ball in my stash. I’ve ordered some off the internet, I just hope that they have it in stock, as neither the yarn stall in the market or the knitting shop have it. Fingers crossed eh? 

Until tomorrow.

– knitagirl

I’m so sorry Lucy, but I didn’t manage to win the most awesome thing that I found on Ebay. I was outbid at the last second. And well, quite frankly I couldn’t afford to go any higher than the other guy was bidding. I mean, look:
Patons beehive wool holder
It was the coolest thing I have seen in ages – it even had a needle size gauge in the bottom:
bottom of wool holder
Its a Paton’s Bakelite Beehive woolholder. I know that you would’ve appreciated it. Sorry hun, but I guess I’m just gonna have to continue my search for the world’s best 21st birthday present ever.

I’m actually quite upset. Poopants.

– knitagirl

Today I made the most of the sun’s decision to grace us with her presence, so I went to the local car boot sale. Of course, a lot of the stuff there was complete and utter junk, but I did manage to find some nice things. One stall had some gorgeous vintage tablecloths, but only one caught my eye. So I brought it:
vintage tablecloth

Its very simple, just a floral pattern done in cross stitch with handmade crochet inserts and corners.
tablecloth corner
And it only cost me £4. Bargainious me thinks. I also got a 1960’s Woman’s Own filled with some ‘interesting’ knitting patterns, and some knitting needles. All pairs (for once) ranging from a very thin bamboo pair (old size 3 I think) to a chunky blue plastic pair (old 7 1/2).
1960s woman's own

And they only cost me £1.50 for the magazine and needles together. Go me. I think I shall have to make the car boot visit a regular occurence from now on. The woman selling the tablecloths said that she might be back with some more once she had found them and given them a bit of a clean. I already have some that my great-grandmother and great-great aunt made. When I can eventually afford to have my own place, I would love a period property, even if its just a small cottage. And I would fill it with all manner of beautiful things just like these. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?

Its a miracle that I’ve got photos of my car boot goodies. My camera has been a bit of an arse recently, but today for some reason, it decided to work. I think it might have been the batteries that I was trying to use. Serves me right for not sticking to Duracell. Anyways, now its working, I can finally upload my pictures from the Paris trip I went on with uni to Premier Vision. I think I like this one the best:
friends in paris

(left to right) Jo, Jas, Lucy and Sophie. It was a freezing (and I really do mean *freezing*) cold day and I made them stop and pose on one of the bridges across the Seine. Aren’t I cruel? haha.

Right its dinner time. Mum’s cooked a duck (quack) in honour of me now being the best qualified person in the family. Yum.

Until tomorrow.
– Knitagirl

…Emilie (or however the hell you spell that girl’s name) being voted into the top 10 on the Sound of Music programme on BBC1. I mean, yeah she has a good voice. But she’s so far up her own backside that even a JCB couldn’t dig her out. Now Siobhan (sp again?) has an amazing voice and is absolutely gorgeous, and yet they voted her off. Silly, silly people. Of course I could be biased as she’s from my hometown, but that’s beside the point. Down with Emilie. I want Siobhan back Andrew!