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… but I am currently typing with one hand as I had a severe blonde moment earlier and tried to take a tray out of the oven without the aid of a oven glove. So my right hand is all owwie at the moment.

Anyways, my life has been pretty boring recently. The highlight of the past couple of weeks being my trip to Derby last weekend to see the girls. It was mucho fun, especially when the chinese turned up. Although I’m still not sure that sweet & sour sauce should be day-glo orange-red… slightly worrying if you ask me! It was lovely seeing them all again. I expected it to feel strange travelling back to Derby again and hanging out with them, but it didn’t at all. I really miss being able to do that whenever we wanted though. Its a lot harder now with us all scattered around the place. I tell you something, once I pass my driving test, mum’s car won’t know whats hit it. Its going to be flying all over the country (ooo that’s an idea…just like the Ford Anglia in Harry Potter…I wonder if that’s physically possible….). It was good to catch up and hear what everyone is up to. Gemma has got a job as a merchandiser at Mothercare in Watford, so she’s moving down there this weekend. So scary – She’s so brave moving across the country by herself like that. I’d love to do it, but I’d be too scared (says the girl who’s planning to travel halfway across the world next year!). And Sophie had an interview on Wednesday for a knitwear design company in Nottingham. She didn’t get it, but they’ve offered her paid work experience, which is almost as good. It’ll get her foot in the door of this business anyways. And that’s what we all need. And Lucy, well what can I say about Lucy? Her shop is finally open. Luce Stitch is also online, so get your butts over there and buy her stuff. But leave one of her corsages for me, ok?!

I also received a little present from Lucy over the weekend. Do you want to see it? Of course you do, even you don’t, I’m going to show you anyways. So there.

Mystery Box

And inside was this:


Close up (guess who got new batteries for her camera today hehe…)

Time for a close-up!


Beautiful fabrics...

Some of it was from her lovely mum Wendy. Or Wendy Lady as I have a habit of calling her (can you guess that my favourite childhood book was Peter Pan?). I shall certainly have fun playing with all my goodies.

In other news, I have been charity shopping again. This time I have really outdone myself though. Look what I brought:

Philip Pullman Trilogy

I think I blogged a while back that I had borrowed the first book in this trilogy by Philip Pullman from a friend. Well I absolutely loved it. If you haven’t read it, then you certainly should. Anyway, I originally only saw the third book in the series on the shelf and thought that I might as well get it to save me bothing my friend twice to borrow the books. But as I was walking away to pay, I saw the first book (that I had already read) on another shelf, I picked up that one too. And then I noticed the second, ‘WOHOO’ I thought to myself. And only 99p each as well. Bargain of the month I thought. Well I paid for them and then went on my merry way home. It wasn’t until later, when I came to start reading the second book that I noticed someone had written in the front of it. How annoying I thought…until I read what it said. Do you want to know what it said? I bet you do. Man, I’m such a good story teller! Looky:

Signed Philip Pullman Book

A signature. But not just any signature. The author’s signature. That’s right (I even gave you an arrow so you couldn’t miss it). I had just brought a signed Philip Pullman book for the grand total of 99 English pence. Now I know what you’re all thinking, its got to be fake right? Well I’ve googled it and ebayed it and it matches all the copies of his signature that I could find.

Example One.

See? Does that not look nearly exactly the same? Wow. According to Ebay, its worth about £30 at the mo, cos the book isn’t the best condition. But I’m going to hang on to it, and who knows? Maybe it’ll be worth a fortune some day. Now if only I could find a signed Harry Potter book….

Right, well I am off to go warm up in the lounge in front of the open fire. Cos this room is freezing…brrrrrrrr….

Until whenever.

– knitagirl