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Lucy’s tagged me to do the the ‘Four Things’ list, so here it is:

4 Jobs I’ve had:

  • Office Cleaner
  • Fish and Chip Shop Staff
  • Waitress
  • Systems Intergrator (right now)

4 Movies I could watch over and over

  • Dirty Dancing
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Center Stage
  • Chronicles of Narnia

4 Places I have lived

  • Ashford, Middlesex
  • Aylesbury
  • Penarth
  • Stafford (I could go on forever with this one!)

4 TV shows I love

  • My So-Called Life
  • Ally McBeal
  • CSI
  • Dawson’s Creek

4 Places I have been on holiday

  • Paris
  • Lake District¬†
  • Cornwall
  • Cardigan Bay

4 Websites I visit daily

  • Facebook
  • Ebay

4 Favourite foods

  • Galaxy chocolate¬†
  • Lasagne
  • Rhubarb and Apple Crumble
  • Roast Goose dinner

4 Places I would rather be

  • Somedays- Back at Uni (same as Lucy)
  • Penarth – some people’s heart were left in San Francisco – mine was left in Penarth.
  • Bed…. I love my bed…or my ‘pit’ as it is affectionately known by my parents.
  • New Zealand.

So there you go. I have fulfilled my dutyas a taggee. I’ll think of some people to tag in my next post that really is going to appear within the next couple of days, even though I’ve been saying that for a while now doh!

Until then,

– knitagirl


I haven’t blogged for ages. But thats because I’ve been busy. With a contagious disease. I managed to develop Shingles, which is sort of like adult Chicken-Pox, only much worse. It hurts, itches so bad and makes you feel sick all the time. Lovely eh? Anyways, I’m at work, so I can’t really type much. I’m just popping by to say that I will blog properly over the weekend with lots of pretty pictures of the things I’ve been doing.

So until then, ta-ra a bit.

– knitagirl.