(Ok, so last night didn’t work out. My internet was stolen by those damn pesky pixies again, luckily WordPress kindly saved what I had written so I can finish my blog now. Well, that is if my work computer will let me, and my boss doesn’t walk in on me doing it.) 

I am seriously atrocious at this blogging lark. I keep meaning to blog, but I seem to get distracted so easily. Usually by a medium-sized, four-legged hairy creature with a snotty nose, or a small two-legged, non-hairy creature with a snotty nose (Simba/Neve). Talking of Simba, he managed to open the front door to the paper boy today. Ah well, I guess its better than his usual jumping up and attacking the paper as it comes through the letter box antics. Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, my severe lack of blogging skills. I really do mean to blog more than once a month, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Which is silly cos I’ve had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks, which I could’ve written about. So that’s what I’ll do now, so here’s a catch-up on the life of knitagirl.

Well, I spent the last two weekends in March celebrating my 23rd birthday. I can’t believe I’m 23 already, where did my life go? It feels like only yesterday that I was in high school studying for my Alevels. So much has happened over the past five years, and yet it seems very little has changed. I’ve been to university, got a degree and now I’m working. Well, I say working, but its not a real job, just something to help me on my way to realising my dreams of travelling. I still feel like the same old person, I see all my friends maturing, moving away for a job and settling down with partners, and I wonder when its going to happen for me. Life doesn’t seem to be about having fun and enjoying it anymore, the conversations now revolve around applying for jobs, weddings or money. I just want to stand up and shout ‘who decided it was time for us to grow up?!’ Argh! I think I’m having a mid-twenties crisis (sort of like a mid-life crisis, but without the red sports car and affair with some one twenty years younger than me).

Anyways, celebrating my brithday was fun. I travelled to Derby for the first weekend to celebrate with uni friends. For some mad-capped reason, we decided it would be fun to try our hands at Bingo. Now let me tell you something right now, the adverts on Tv lie. Bingo halls up and down the country are not full of young fun-loving women drinking and having a laugh, while trying to win the jackpot. They are full of strange old women/men who are obsessed with the game and have ten cards on the go at a time. They shush you if you make even the smallest of noises, and frown when you laugh at something. Plus bingo is freakin’ confusing – we spent the first two games, wondering what the hell was going on and what card we were meant to be playing. Plus when someone does get a line/two-line/full-house/whatever, there’s some strange noises happening. ‘Her-ya’ is shouted across the room at the caller. It sounds like some bizarre mating call of the lesser-know spotted bingo-playerus. Anyways, two of the girls won some money which was good. And the £100,000 jackpot on the link-bingo makes it almost worth it to go back. ‘Almost’ being the operative word in that last sentence.

The next weekend was my actual birthday weekend, and for that I flew to Dublin for the weekend with an old school friend. It was the first time that I had ever flown, so it was definitely an experience. I have a problem with heights, so I wasn’t too sure about looking out the window, but I’m so glad that I did. The view was amazing. On the way there, we flew above cloud level, so it looked like we were just floating about giant marshmallow clouds. But ont he way back it was perfectly clear, so I got to watch as we left Ireland (that made me want to go back and visit the coastal area next time), across the sea (waving at the ferries crossing, although I have a strong feeling that they didn’t see us!), and then across into Manchester airport. Dublin itself is a strange city, full of contradictions. Ever street is a strange mix of brand new architectural buildings and run down Georgian buildings. Some of the Georgian buildings were so beautiful though, it was such a shame to see them falling into disrepair. We stayed in a hotel that directly overlooked the canal, and was just a five-minute walk into the city centre. It was great, although the loud music from the adjoining bar/nightclub did keep us up on the thursday night until 2am. But that didn’t matter. We just decided that if we couldn’t beat them (by stuffing pillows over our ears), we would join them and the next two nights, we went out to some of the many bars/pubs around the Temple Bar area of Dublin. I would really recommend visiting the city, there is so much to do, especially with the castle (but be warned that it doesn’t open until 10am), and the Guinness factory. Everyone told us it would be really expensive over there, but we found it to be not that bad. An average lunch cost us 8-12 Euros each, which is approx. £5-8 , which I don’t personally think is bad, especially considering the size of the portions. An evening meal, cost us about 25-30 Euros each (£17-20), which again, isn’t that expensive. So go do it. We found a good deal on LastMinute.com for £150 incl flights per person in a 3* hotel incl breakfast.

I had some great birthday presents, and now that I have wrestled my camera back off my niece, who at the age of 20 months, has decided to become a budding photographer (although all the photos seem to be of either her feet and the floor, or the sky), I can show off some of the things I received.

Fan-dabby-dozey Crafty Book

This book is so much fun, and I’ve already started making things out of it. There’s some great ideas for presents etc, so be warned – everything from now on will be handmade for you birthday/christmas :o)

Ceramic Cupcake Trinket Box

My damn macro function wouldn’t work properly when taking this picture, so you’ll have to excuse the poor quality of it. The cupcake is so much more beautiful in real-life, plus the top comes off to reveal a place to put all my earrings etc.


And what birthday of mine would be complete without something Hello Kitty? This little bundle of goodies came from Neve, although I think she might have possibly had some help choosing it. OoooOo…and you see that big pen there, right in the middle, with a tag on it? Thats a fantastic pen, its one of those multi-colour pens, with lots of different nibs and even a propelling pencil bit. How amazingly cool is that?!? Ok, so I might possibly be the only one here who thinks that, but who cares?

Oh and I can’t forget what is possibly the best present anyone has ever got me. I havea  slight obession with all things Harry Potter, especially Ron. I can’t help it, the red hair just does it for me haha… So imagine how ecstatic I was, when I open an envelope from my brother and sister-in-law (Neve’s parents) and found this:

SIgned photo of Rupert Grint...woooop!

Can you see what it is? Its a signed photo of Rupert Grint a.k.a Ron Weasley. Haha…I think they just became my favourite relatives. The bright spot in the middle is from my flash which I had to use because with it turned off, the photo went all blurry and poo. Are you jealous? You should be, you know. *Weasley is my King!*

Well, I had better actually do some work, seeing as though that’s what they pay me to do. I’ll blog more over the weekend (if those pesky pixies don’t come back that is).

– knitagirl