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…of a yarn that knits up as 20 stitches/24 rows per 4 inches (10cms) in stockinette stitch? I want to knit this, but the yarn they use is only available in America argh! So any ideas? It needs to soft and hard wearing, machine washable would be a plus but not a necessity. Help!

 – knitagirl


 KNITTING! Done by me. That’s right – this lazy cow has finally got off her backside and done some actual knitting. Well, technically I didn’t get off my backside. I settled down on it in my armchair, and knitted. Look:


Its from the pattern that I posted a while back by Wendy. Nice and easy for my first attempt at knitting a piece of clothing for myself. And so far, its going well. I have been getting a bit confused when reading the pattern, but I’ve managed to muddle my way through alright. Just the right hand side to do and then the sleeves and I’ll be done. Oh and the collar/button edging…but thats all. It should be done by the end of the week. Honestly, this Pampas yarn knits up so quickly, its fantastic. I’ve just got to remember how to block knitting without a steam press now. Any tips?

Last week I decided to treat myself to some books off Amazon. I’ve always wanted to try spinning, so I’ve brought some books that will hopefully help me get started with the basic hand spinning using a drop spindle. There were quite a few to choose from, so I did what any sensible (and broke) person does, and brought the ones that were on offer:

Spinning Books. 

Its all very exciting. I have plenty of wool fibre that I can practise with to get started. The colour book is a bit adanced for the kind of spinning that I’ll be doing to begin with – a lot of it is shown using a drum carder (I think that’s what its called), which is like £300 to buy, so I think I’ll be leaving that to I’m a bit better haha. The other two books give a good history of spinning, and showcase the different ways that hand spinning can be done. The ‘Spin It’ book is good, because a lot of the instructions are shown using illustrations, which are relatively easy to follow. Anyways, it all looks fairly straightforward, so I shall let you know how I get on.

I also treated myself to two books by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (otherwise known as The Yarn Harlot).
Yarn Harlot Books

They’re great. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year now, and she’s a very funny knitter. Her stories about hiding her yarn stash in odd places around the house (in the empty space behind the peddles on her piano for example) are hilarious, and comforting to me. I now know that I’m not the only one who hides the yarn that I’ve just *had* to buy from my family. They are definitely worth reading, especially ‘At Knit’s End – Meditations for Women who Knit too Much’. Go buy them now. And that’s an order.

So what else have I been upto? Well…working. And working. And guess what? More working. I’m looking for a second job at the moment, so I can earn/save more money for travelling. I’m beginning to plan what I want to do, and when/how. I’m sort of nervous and excited. Nervous, because at the moment, it looks like I’ll be doing it all by myself. But excited because its been my dream for like forever to travel further than a car can take me. I’ve also been driving, well learning to drive. It’s going ok – I still make silly mistakes, but I’m getting better. I’m hopefully going to take my test at the end of November, but it all depends on how my driving goes and what the waiting list is like for tests. I was meant to book my test on Monday, but I’ve decided to leave it a bit longer so I can build my confidence up more. I can’t wait until I do finally pass though…I’ll just have so much more freedom. Well, I will if I can get used to driving my mum’s car. Its got the stiffest (sp?) clutch ever and the gears, well to change them, you have to literally yank the stick into place. Its tempting to use some of my savings to buy a car more suited to me, but that means giving up on part of my travels. Its all very difficult to decide grrr… 

I better go. Think I’ve babbled on enough for now. Go check out The Yarn Harlot’s blog.

Until whenever.

– knitagirl

Well I got an e-mail from the yarn website today that I attempted to order my taupe Pampas from. They don’t have it is stock, and have been advised by Wendy that it has been discontinued. Pooey. So instead I was thinking of getting this colour:
Wendy Pampas-Petrol 
What do you think? Its called ‘Petrol.’ Its quite nice – not as nice as taupe but nevermind. I’m really itching to start this jacket. I need something to help me switch off from work.

I’ve just got back from the cinema – went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2. Its actually quite good. A bit long, but that just means you get more Johnny Depp and that, of course, is *always* a good thing. Hmmm…that man is yuuuum-ey. The whole eyeliner thing works. Which is surprising cos normally I hate guys in make up. Orlando Bloom just can’t act. Every character that I’ve seen him play has been exactly the same, whether it be an elf, a trainer designer (in Elizabeth town – don’t bother. Its awful), or a pirate. He acts them all the same. Another shocker is that I’m actually starting to like Keira Knightley as an actress (still hate her for the fact that she’s got a body to die for though). Question for any of you out there – was the guy playing Beckett (the East India Trading Company evil guy), the same guy who played Mr.Collins in Pride & Prejudice? He seemed ermmm… taller? Haha. Bit of a tip for you – if you want a giggle, stay until the end of the credits. There goes my *achem* expert criticism of Pirates of the Carribean.

Well I am very tired. Its going to take a while for my body to get used to this whole working lark. I shall probably post again tomorrow or over the weekend.

Until tomorrow.