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I’ve recently become addicted to a website called ‘Swap-bot’. It’s basically a website that hosts loads of different swaps. there are craft swaps, ATC swaps, surprise box swaps, mix cd swaps – basically if you can think of something to swap, you can do it. It is a little bit risky, because there are some not so good people out there who like to take advantage of this kind of site, and sign up for swaps fully intending never to send anything out, just to receive stuff. Luckily the site is well monitored by its creators, so once someone has been tagged as a ‘bad-swapper’, they ban them. Anyways, so far I’ve participated in 6 swaps, and they’ve been a lot of fun. Plus it means that I get something other than bills in the post. I’ve had fun doing penpal swaps, where we write a letter on a certain subject. My first one was on the type of books that I like to read. It was great receiving a letter from someone writing about their favourite books, and it lead me to discover books that I had never even thought of reading before. I’ve also participated in a ‘long-haul’ penpal swap, to find new people to write to for a long time. My new ‘friends’ are from all over the world, and that’s great, because I love finding out about how other people live and what other countries are like. I’ve also participated in a magazine swap, which was awesome because my lovely swap-partner sent me some American knitting magazines, which are totally different to English ones (they actually have patterns that I would want to wear in them!). Only problem now is, I really want to source them over here. I think there are some websites selling them, so I shall have to investigate. With most of the swaps, the sender includes a little something with the main swap-item, which means that my lovely partners have been sending some awesome Hello Kitty notepaper, and one even sent me some gorgeous handmade stitch markers. Its not very expensive to do, just the cost of postage usually, and it keeps me busy. I do think that the people at the post office think I’m a little strange though, because I’ve been sending things out quite regularly, and they tend to look a little something like this:

Swap-Bot letters

I like to make my envelopes look good, so I cover them in pretty pictures from magazines (unless they’re going somewhere strange like Malaysia, and then I keep them plain for the nice Customs people). My postman also gets to delivers letters like this to my home:

Swap-Bot letter received

Obviously there aren’t great big black rectangles on the envelope itself, but I’m not about to broadcast mine (or my partner’s) snail-mail addresses on the internet! So far, I’ve not had a bad swapper as a partner, so I’m going to keep swapping, because it is so damn addictive!

Please click on the Alan Johnston link on my toolbar (to your left!). Its important that as many people as possible know whats going on, so something can be done to secure his safe release. There hasn’t been much on the news about his disapperance, and thats not right. We need to keep talking about him, and putting pressure on the Palestinian government, so that whoever has him relises that what they’ve done is stupid and lets him go. Go pledge your support for him and his family, and sign the petition (follow the link on the BBC website to find it). Also please pray for him and his family. They need all the help that we can give them in this awful time. Thanks.

Right I better get back to work :o)

 – knitagirl