I have a headache and I’m stuck at work with computers that refuse to co-operate. Its days like today that make me wish I still lived here:

Penarth, South Wales

I miss Penarth…. *sigh*

– knitagirl


…of a yarn that knits up as 20 stitches/24 rows per 4 inches (10cms) in stockinette stitch? I want to knit this, but the yarn they use is only available in America argh! So any ideas? It needs to soft and hard wearing, machine washable would be a plus but not a necessity. Help!

 – knitagirl

…I might have possibly visited the Stitch and Creative Crafts show in Manchester yesterday. And I might have possibly spent some money. But its all good because I found the best named book EVER! Are you ready? Really ready? Its called ‘DomiKNITrix‘..hahaha…how much does that title say ‘this book needs to belong to Mel’ to you?! Well it does now haha. I’ll post some scans of the patterns in it tomorrow, along with a book review ‘Mel style’.

Until then, a little Neighbourhood Watch Warning for you people out there – when you hear your neighbour’s house alarm go off, go investigate what’s happening and perhaps call the Police. Because we heard our neighbour’s  alarm go off at about 5 pm’ish, and just thought nothing of it, as it goes off a fair bit. Well, the carpenter is there now cutting wood for the smashed window where they were broken into. So look after your neighbours, and don’t just assume the alarm is going off for no reason. This is the end of Mel’s Public Service Announcement for today.

– knitagirl

Would someone like to buy me this? I have a craving to knit this, so does anyone have some spare pennies that they’d like to spend on little ol’ me? Please? With a cherry on top? x

Have I spelt ‘weird’ right? I always spell it this way, but according to my dad, its actually spelt ‘wierd’, following the old ‘i before e, except after c’ rule. I have no idea – I prefer the way the word looks when its spelt ‘weird’. Anyways, enough about spelling, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Wendy to list six weird things about me. Now some people would say that there isn’t just six weird things about me, there’s enough to fill up an entire book. But as I like to think of myself as special and unique, not weird, I’m going to have trouble thinking of some things. So feel free to leave some comments listing everything that you think is weird and wonderful about me hehe…

1. I have a huuuuuuuuge obsession with the Japanese Sanrio character, Hello Kitty. For those of you who haven’t heard of her, go here and enjoy the pinkness and cuteness of it all. I don’t know where or when it all began, but it did and now my bedroom is a shrine to all things HK. For christmas my parents gave me HK bedding and curtains, which are totally awesome (such an American phrase eugh!), and I got lots of HK things for my car (steering wheel cover, seat cover, seatbelt pads, organiser, phone holder). I even managed to get something about her into my dissertation for my degree. See I told you I was obsessed. If I have time (well, if I can be bothered to do it really), I shall photograph my HK collection and post it in my next blog.

2. I love the smell of frying mushrooms, but can’t stand to look at them, let alone eat them. Don’t ask – I did tell you I was weird. The smell is just yummy, but eugh, they look like shrivelled-up, slimey slugs. Mum keeps trying to sneak them into my food, but I have mushroom radar, I can spot a tiny piece of mushroom from a hundred paces.

3. I can sing the entire Welsh national anthem, but don’t have a clue what the English one is past ‘God Save Our Gracious Queen…’ This one might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in Wales. We used to sing it every Friday morning in assembly in my primary school. I loved it, its full of gorgeously sounding phrases like, “Gwlad, Gwlad, pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad” (Wales! Wales! fav’rite land of Wales!). It sounds so much better in Welsh of course. And the tune is fab, full of power and passion. I just love it. Makes me miss Wales everytime I hear it.


4. I’m 22 but I don’t drink. Alcohol that is. Of course I drink water etc. Its my own choice as well. I just got to the point about three years ago, where I could drink a silly amount of booze, and not feel drunk. But I still got the hangover the next morning, which sucked. So that was it, I decided to stop drinking. Occasionally I’ll have one drink on a night out, but thats once in a blue moon. Its great now, because I can remember everything that happens on a night out and use it to bribe my friends. I mean tease them. Tease them, of course, I would never bribe a friend with the fact that she kissed a totally yucky man last night. Of course I wouldn’t, that would be cruel and mean, and fun…So yes, I am a 22 year-old female who doesn’t drink.

5. I can’t sit with my feet on the floor, they have to be up and resting on a box, table etc. I don’t know why I have to do this, but I do. It makes my feet more comfortable and stops my ankles feeling twitchy. Until recently I thought I was weird with my joints. I get a strange restless feeling in my ankles and wrists occasionally, where they feel like they need to be constantly moving to get rid of the sensation. But apparently I am not alone, there is a recognised condition called (wait for it…) ‘Restless Legs Syndrome’. How straight to the point can you get? And just in case you don’t believe me, look. I used to annoy the hell out of my mates at uni, because I would constantly have my feet resting on my desk, or their desk, or their chairs. Its not my fault really. I just like to be comfortable, and if anyone else has this, they’ll know just how annoying and irritating the sensation is.

6. I like the smell of coins. The older, the better. I think this is just a throwback to when I used to get up on a Saturday morning, have breakfast, and then go into my parents’ room and sit and count the change in my Dad’s change tin. It was just an old cigar tin, but every night he would empty his trouser pockets of all his loose change and dump it in there. Then come Saturday, I would practise my maths skills by counting it all up into little piles of 1p’s, 2p’s, 5p’s etc. By the time I was finished, my hands would smell of the coins and I loved it. Such a freak, I know.

Phew, I managed it. 6 weird things about yours truly. Now hopeully my work computer won’t throw a wobbley when I try to post this and lose everything I’ve typed. Fingers cross’d.


P.S – Just remembered, I tag Lucy. Think everyone else has already been tagged apart from her, so there you go.


Lucy’s tagged me to do the the ‘Four Things’ list, so here it is:

4 Jobs I’ve had:

  • Office Cleaner
  • Fish and Chip Shop Staff
  • Waitress
  • Systems Intergrator (right now)

4 Movies I could watch over and over

  • Dirty Dancing
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Center Stage
  • Chronicles of Narnia

4 Places I have lived

  • Ashford, Middlesex
  • Aylesbury
  • Penarth
  • Stafford (I could go on forever with this one!)

4 TV shows I love

  • My So-Called Life
  • Ally McBeal
  • CSI
  • Dawson’s Creek

4 Places I have been on holiday

  • Paris
  • Lake District 
  • Cornwall
  • Cardigan Bay

4 Websites I visit daily

  • Facebook
  • BBC.co.uk
  • Ebay
  • Msn.co.uk

4 Favourite foods

  • Galaxy chocolate 
  • Lasagne
  • Rhubarb and Apple Crumble
  • Roast Goose dinner

4 Places I would rather be

  • Somedays- Back at Uni (same as Lucy)
  • Penarth – some people’s heart were left in San Francisco – mine was left in Penarth.
  • Bed…. I love my bed…or my ‘pit’ as it is affectionately known by my parents.
  • New Zealand.

So there you go. I have fulfilled my dutyas a taggee. I’ll think of some people to tag in my next post that really is going to appear within the next couple of days, even though I’ve been saying that for a while now doh!

Until then,

– knitagirl

I haven’t blogged for ages. But thats because I’ve been busy. With a contagious disease. I managed to develop Shingles, which is sort of like adult Chicken-Pox, only much worse. It hurts, itches so bad and makes you feel sick all the time. Lovely eh? Anyways, I’m at work, so I can’t really type much. I’m just popping by to say that I will blog properly over the weekend with lots of pretty pictures of the things I’ve been doing.

So until then, ta-ra a bit.

– knitagirl.

… but I am currently typing with one hand as I had a severe blonde moment earlier and tried to take a tray out of the oven without the aid of a oven glove. So my right hand is all owwie at the moment.

Anyways, my life has been pretty boring recently. The highlight of the past couple of weeks being my trip to Derby last weekend to see the girls. It was mucho fun, especially when the chinese turned up. Although I’m still not sure that sweet & sour sauce should be day-glo orange-red… slightly worrying if you ask me! It was lovely seeing them all again. I expected it to feel strange travelling back to Derby again and hanging out with them, but it didn’t at all. I really miss being able to do that whenever we wanted though. Its a lot harder now with us all scattered around the place. I tell you something, once I pass my driving test, mum’s car won’t know whats hit it. Its going to be flying all over the country (ooo that’s an idea…just like the Ford Anglia in Harry Potter…I wonder if that’s physically possible….). It was good to catch up and hear what everyone is up to. Gemma has got a job as a merchandiser at Mothercare in Watford, so she’s moving down there this weekend. So scary – She’s so brave moving across the country by herself like that. I’d love to do it, but I’d be too scared (says the girl who’s planning to travel halfway across the world next year!). And Sophie had an interview on Wednesday for a knitwear design company in Nottingham. She didn’t get it, but they’ve offered her paid work experience, which is almost as good. It’ll get her foot in the door of this business anyways. And that’s what we all need. And Lucy, well what can I say about Lucy? Her shop is finally open. Luce Stitch is also online, so get your butts over there and buy her stuff. But leave one of her corsages for me, ok?!

I also received a little present from Lucy over the weekend. Do you want to see it? Of course you do, even you don’t, I’m going to show you anyways. So there.

Mystery Box

And inside was this:


Close up (guess who got new batteries for her camera today hehe…)

Time for a close-up!


Beautiful fabrics...

Some of it was from her lovely mum Wendy. Or Wendy Lady as I have a habit of calling her (can you guess that my favourite childhood book was Peter Pan?). I shall certainly have fun playing with all my goodies.

In other news, I have been charity shopping again. This time I have really outdone myself though. Look what I brought:

Philip Pullman Trilogy

I think I blogged a while back that I had borrowed the first book in this trilogy by Philip Pullman from a friend. Well I absolutely loved it. If you haven’t read it, then you certainly should. Anyway, I originally only saw the third book in the series on the shelf and thought that I might as well get it to save me bothing my friend twice to borrow the books. But as I was walking away to pay, I saw the first book (that I had already read) on another shelf, I picked up that one too. And then I noticed the second, ‘WOHOO’ I thought to myself. And only 99p each as well. Bargain of the month I thought. Well I paid for them and then went on my merry way home. It wasn’t until later, when I came to start reading the second book that I noticed someone had written in the front of it. How annoying I thought…until I read what it said. Do you want to know what it said? I bet you do. Man, I’m such a good story teller! Looky:

Signed Philip Pullman Book

A signature. But not just any signature. The author’s signature. That’s right (I even gave you an arrow so you couldn’t miss it). I had just brought a signed Philip Pullman book for the grand total of 99 English pence. Now I know what you’re all thinking, its got to be fake right? Well I’ve googled it and ebayed it and it matches all the copies of his signature that I could find.

Example One.

See? Does that not look nearly exactly the same? Wow. According to Ebay, its worth about £30 at the mo, cos the book isn’t the best condition. But I’m going to hang on to it, and who knows? Maybe it’ll be worth a fortune some day. Now if only I could find a signed Harry Potter book….

Right, well I am off to go warm up in the lounge in front of the open fire. Cos this room is freezing…brrrrrrrr….

Until whenever.

– knitagirl

No time for a real post – I’ll post after my weekend with the girls. But for now, here’s something for you all to think about:

– knitagirl x

I’ve done 10 hours over time this week (two per day), and my brain and body has decided they’ve had enough and so are refusing to work. So instead of a long intelligent post about what I’ve been upto and my ideas for products to sell in Lucy’s shop, I am just going to post some pictures that I took yesterday afternoon. Enjoy or whatever…

 My garden.

My garden. Its approx. 150ft long, but the back bit behind the blue summerhouse goes really wide behind the neighbour’s garden. That’s where Dad’s vegetable patch is, and its where I want to build my studio. Say hello to Simba in the bottom right corner.

The trees on the left by the hedge are apple. There’s three cookers and then further up there’s two eaters. So guess who’s been eating apple pie, apple strudel, apples crumble, apple cake, baked apples, apple tart, apple sauce….you name an apple recipe and I bet that at some point over the past couple of weeks, we’ve eaten it. They’re yummy…and still growing…


We’ve also made lots of these:

Toffe Apples

Yummy yummy toffee apples. We’ve eaten some and also wrapped some up and given them to neighbours and friends.

Someone obviously forgot to tell the plants in my garden that its autumn (nearly winter), cos all of a sudden some of them have decided to flower:

yellow beauty


Pink things *lol*



Very pretty, but I have a feeling that they won’t last long as its getting colder and more wintery by the day.

And lastly…this is what my dad does when he gets bored:


He builds steps. (We’re not allowed to call it decking in case the horrible people from the council planning committee (sp?) turn up and tell us we needed to have planning permission, as its over 2 metres high. Poooey to them I say! At least now when we open the french windows we don’t face a 5ft drop to get out haha…)

And this is what Simba does when he gets bored:


He digs very big holes under Mum’s roses. Its about 2ft wide and a foot deep. Naughty boy! I did wonder why he kept appearing in the house with muddy paws over the weekend – now I know why!

One last picture. Of one of my orchids that sit on the kitchen window sill:


It’s actually a sort of deep purple’ish colour, but the sun was shining through it yesterday and making it a very pretty translucent purpley-pink colour instead.

I’m going to sleep now. I need it so bad. Take pity on me hehe….

Until whenever.

– knitagirl

 KNITTING! Done by me. That’s right – this lazy cow has finally got off her backside and done some actual knitting. Well, technically I didn’t get off my backside. I settled down on it in my armchair, and knitted. Look:


Its from the pattern that I posted a while back by Wendy. Nice and easy for my first attempt at knitting a piece of clothing for myself. And so far, its going well. I have been getting a bit confused when reading the pattern, but I’ve managed to muddle my way through alright. Just the right hand side to do and then the sleeves and I’ll be done. Oh and the collar/button edging…but thats all. It should be done by the end of the week. Honestly, this Pampas yarn knits up so quickly, its fantastic. I’ve just got to remember how to block knitting without a steam press now. Any tips?

Last week I decided to treat myself to some books off Amazon. I’ve always wanted to try spinning, so I’ve brought some books that will hopefully help me get started with the basic hand spinning using a drop spindle. There were quite a few to choose from, so I did what any sensible (and broke) person does, and brought the ones that were on offer:

Spinning Books. 

Its all very exciting. I have plenty of wool fibre that I can practise with to get started. The colour book is a bit adanced for the kind of spinning that I’ll be doing to begin with – a lot of it is shown using a drum carder (I think that’s what its called), which is like £300 to buy, so I think I’ll be leaving that to I’m a bit better haha. The other two books give a good history of spinning, and showcase the different ways that hand spinning can be done. The ‘Spin It’ book is good, because a lot of the instructions are shown using illustrations, which are relatively easy to follow. Anyways, it all looks fairly straightforward, so I shall let you know how I get on.

I also treated myself to two books by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (otherwise known as The Yarn Harlot).
Yarn Harlot Books

They’re great. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year now, and she’s a very funny knitter. Her stories about hiding her yarn stash in odd places around the house (in the empty space behind the peddles on her piano for example) are hilarious, and comforting to me. I now know that I’m not the only one who hides the yarn that I’ve just *had* to buy from my family. They are definitely worth reading, especially ‘At Knit’s End – Meditations for Women who Knit too Much’. Go buy them now. And that’s an order.

So what else have I been upto? Well…working. And working. And guess what? More working. I’m looking for a second job at the moment, so I can earn/save more money for travelling. I’m beginning to plan what I want to do, and when/how. I’m sort of nervous and excited. Nervous, because at the moment, it looks like I’ll be doing it all by myself. But excited because its been my dream for like forever to travel further than a car can take me. I’ve also been driving, well learning to drive. It’s going ok – I still make silly mistakes, but I’m getting better. I’m hopefully going to take my test at the end of November, but it all depends on how my driving goes and what the waiting list is like for tests. I was meant to book my test on Monday, but I’ve decided to leave it a bit longer so I can build my confidence up more. I can’t wait until I do finally pass though…I’ll just have so much more freedom. Well, I will if I can get used to driving my mum’s car. Its got the stiffest (sp?) clutch ever and the gears, well to change them, you have to literally yank the stick into place. Its tempting to use some of my savings to buy a car more suited to me, but that means giving up on part of my travels. Its all very difficult to decide grrr… 

I better go. Think I’ve babbled on enough for now. Go check out The Yarn Harlot’s blog.

Until whenever.

– knitagirl